How to Start and Profit from Vegetable Farming Business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, vegetables crops and leaves consist of the major parts of our daily meal from the soup we cook to other healthy nutritious meals, and coupled with its nutritional value makes it highly demanded. It is commonly grown in Nigeria in both as subsistence farming and commercial farming and is one of the agricultural businesses that are very profitable because not only does it sells fast but grows very fast as well, which means that every time you must have something to sell.

Instead of waiting for forthcoming jobs while not go into this kind of farming which doesn’t only give profit but also needs little capital to start.

• Vegetables are vast, so it is better you decide first on the kind of vegetable(s) you will be going for especially the ones that will be easily sold around your locality depending on your survey and market research on what is obtainable. Such vegetables include Okra (okro), Ugu leaves, Cauliflower, African spinach commonly called green etc.

• One good thing about this kind of farming is that you can grow it at home you if have enough space, but you don’t you can get a small area of land or even larger ones depending on the scale you want to run the farming operation.

• Your scale of operation will determine if you need to consider farming machines and tools like planters, tractors and more, this is only necessary for those going into intensive farming of vegetables but if it is on a smaller scale you may consider other readily available farming tools such as plough, hoe, and other useful garden equipment.

• In selecting a farmland especially for commercial farmers, you have to check the soil composition and consider other things like source of water and how readily available it is, the topography and sunlight etc. These are some of the essential things that vegetables need to survive, they need also adequate care and maintenance or it withers.

• Plant your vegetables using the right method, but first, you must have gotten an idea or knowledge about the kind of vegetable you choose so that you can be able to nature it properly till it grows to maturity.

• Vegetables are easily attacked by pests, therefore it is essential to use effective pest control chemicals preferably natural pest controllers to prevent pest which might destroy the vegetables.

• Planting, growing and harvesting of vegetables most times are not as hard as other food crops, so it is better you have your buyers who are ready to buy the vegetables once they are harvested. Vegetables are easily perishable and keeping them for a longer time than required will make them not to be fit for sales and consumption as well.

Vegetable farming is very easy and can be done by anyone once you have the basic knowledge, and surprisingly even while having a job or other source of income this kind of farming can complement what you earn by using your spare time to plant time and sell to retailers.

Source: Finelib