How To Start A Strawberry Farm

Very few Nigerians know that strawberry can be grown in Nigeria, and not everyone know that this fruit can be grown all over the country.
Strawberry plants, unlike any other crop require between 30-35°c, which is the average weather temperature of most Nigerian cities.
The global output of strawberries has been on the rise, with the United States leading as the world largest producer, while Kenya the largest producer of the fruit in Africa.
Nigeria according to statistics available is the among the 20th highest importers of this fruit globally, with 250g going for as much as 3,000 naira in major supermarkets in Nigeria.

Over the years, we at CheapMarketDeal, have spent our time and resources carrying researches on ways of planting strawberries, and we have planted them in every state in Nigeria with success.
Due to our success, we have decided to pass on our knowledge at a reduced fee of 2,100 naira, as no valuable info is free in Life.

This training is poised to teach how to plant strawberries in your house, how take care of the plant, identify the different types of the plant, and how to make byproducts including sales.

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which starts 10-13 Sept. 2019, and hold 6-8pm daily.

Come learn how to make millions planting strawberries…

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The strawberry subsector is an unexplored area of agriculture in Nigeria. Being the country with the largest population and market, the strawberry market is largely undeveloped leaving us with sole reliance on importation.

Between 2014-2016, the amount of strawberry importation in Nigeria grew by 199.33 tonnes, according to Food and Agriculture Organization,(, Nigeria import rate grew by 30.9% (according to, for the last year. The global strawberry market keeps expanding, but sadly reverse is the case in Nigeria, partly due to the fact that Nigerians don’t know how to farm it, or maintain it.

To this end, we at CheapMarketDeal, is organising a three days online training (on WhatsApp), to teach Nigerians out there on how to maintain and run a strawberry farm, including by products.

The train is poised to be an eye opener in the world of strawberries and is schedule for 10th-13th September 2019, and hold between 6-8pm daily.

It cost a token of 2,100 naira, and is payable online via- which adds you automatically to the group.

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Come join us as we explore the world of strawberries. Learn how to make millions farming this fruit.

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Course Outline For The Training
Day One
Varieties of Strawberries
Types of strawberries
-differences between all varieties

Day Two
How to cultivate strawberries
Methods used
– Use of splits
a. Advantage
b. Disadvantage
–Use of Runners
a. Advantage
b. Disadvantage
–Use of Seeds
a. Advantage
b. Disadvantage

Day Three
Strawberry Management
-diseases and management
-do and don’t of strawberry farming
Qualities of a good strawberry plant
Uses of strawberry fruits and plants

Our experience(a life story)
Different States and problem associated with them in cultivating strawberries.
Best way to plant strawberries in Nigeria.
Videos and Pictures

3 Hours More!

The journey of success is either upward or down ward.
The strawberry farming subsector is a very secret sector in Nigeria.
The first time I saw strawberry in Jos, I asked them if they cultivate it there, they said yes, but refused to tell me the name of the location, or escort me(even after offering them money).
When we finally located the farm on our own, the farmers refused allowing us access into their farms for good three months(they where trying to hid the planting process because it was planting season). After visiting there farm(everyday, come rain come sun), they finally allowed me entrance for only 10 mins, after refusing to answer my questions.
Most times they lie to we to discourage us from cultivating this crop, do you know that you could harvest strawberry for the next seven months, or that you don’t need to buy strawberry seeding again after the first purchase to expand your farm? Do you know that strawberry has a very high growth rate that 50 plants can give you minimum of 500 plants at the end of one year. Do you know that you don’t cover the middle of strawberry with sand, as it grows from the middle, all this are the information hidden from we Nigerians, do you know that strawberry has seeds, and it takes seven months for you to achieve success using this method?
Do you know that strawberry industry is so lucrative that we use airplane to waybill strawberries all over Nigeria.

Join us tonight by 6pm on WhatsApp for a token of 2,100 as we teach you how to plant this crop, and how to sell, make your own profit from this business.
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Jump at Opportunities the same way you jump at conclusion!

How many of you remembered year back, we had to wait for cucumbers to come from the north before we could get them to buy, but someone sat back researched a way and now each state can plant cucumbers.
The largest concentration(farm) of strawberry in Nigeria is not more than 6 hectares(cluster farm) in Plateau state. Strawberry cultivation is not more than 30 years in Nigeria. The first person to plant strawberry in Nigeria is a foreigner, the former head of operations of a disused tin mine in Nigeria( till today the largest farm is there). We have been privileged to sit under his tutorial (though through a proxy). The truth be told you have to identify the need of man to offer solution, just a it is rightly said, you are not paid for your brains, you are paid for using your brains.

Most times, people ask-is there a market for strawberry in Nigeria? The answer is yes, but the truth is, we cannot meet up with there demand, as our output are low, if the importation of strawberry rose by 30+% last year, imagine you raking in just 20% and see how much you are going to make.
There is no knowledge that is expensive to buy, I as a person started by selling my only valuable property then- laptop to fund my business. I stared with 13thousand naira.
Life is a jungle you must strive to put head above water. Among other African countries, none aside Burkina Faso, produce strawberry in desert (though the edge- hot zone), they also import it too. We recently started farming strawberry in this two countries- Ghana, and Togo, with full support from their respective government.

This is an opportunity for to join the moving train before it gets filled up. Learn from our mistakes, and how we where able to over come them, also how avoid them, just like how we already commercializing the cultivation of onions nationally- I don’t believe that something cannot grow in a place.

The training to some might sound expensive, to another is too cheap, but there is no amount of knowledge that is not worth buying. We are giving it to you on a plater of gold.

For those still willing to partake, there is going to a reteaching of tonight class tomorrow, by 12-1pm, join the moving train, and explore the world of strawberries before it becomes crowded.
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Today we we accomplished another task in strawberry farming, proving that that strawberries can be grown in any type of container, or bags provided that the necessary conditions are met. We grew strawberry in a 60cl nylon bag, popularly known as “pure water nylon”

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