How To Set Up Soymilk Mini Factory (Step By Step Guide)

Are you one of those at a loss on what kind of agribusiness they can embark on in 2018 even with little capital? Soymilk production may be the niche that will guarantee you financial freedom this year. Follow me in this piece as I reveal to you the secret of soymilk production.

Soya bean is a very important global crop because of its chemical composition of over 36 per cent protein, 30 per cent carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins and mineral salts.

It plays important role in fighting malnutrition, especially protein deficiency in Africa where animal protein is hard to come-by by the poor masses. Of all crops that are sources of protein, only soybeans provide cheap and high quality protein comparable to that of meat, poultry and eggs.

Soymilk Production

Soya bean grows well in many states of the federation. It can be source cheaply in states such as Benue, Taraba, Kaduna, Plateau, Niger, Nasarawa, Jigawa, Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara, Kwara, Abuja, Bauchi and Borno. It can also be sourced from South East, South South and South West regions of the country.

Health Benefits

Soya beans still have a number of other beneficial health effects such as prevention of breast and prostate cancers.


Soy milk has the ability to improve blood lipid profile. It is better than dairy milk which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, its fat is mostly unsaturated with zero cholesterol. Experts say that fatty acids in soy can inhibit the transport of cholesterol into your blood stream.

Soy milk an ideal drink for those with high cholesterol or have a family history of coronary heart diseases.

Blood Vessels

Soy protects effectively the blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage.

The compounds bind to the blood vessel lining and defend the lining cells from free radical attacks and cholesterol deposits. The binding of the nutrients also improve the fluidity and flexibility of the blood vessels to make them more resilient to blood pressure changes.

Weight Loss

Soymilk Production

Soymilk has lower sugar content than dairy milk. While dairy milk has up to 12 grams of sugar per cup while soymilk has only 7 grams. The unsaturated fatty acid in soymilk can inhibit your intestinal absorption of fat, thereby ensuring weight loss.

Prostate Cancer

Soy milk has a unique hormone that can inhibit the production of testosterone in men. Reduced testosterone levels can significantly cut the risk of prostate cancer. Experts say that men who drink soy-rich are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Postmenopausal Syndromes

Reduction of estrogen during menopause creates a number of health problems for postmenopausal women leading to higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, mood swings, insomnia and other psychological disorders. Regular intake of soy milk can prevent or alleviate these syndromes.

How Soymilk Is Produced

Soymilk is a drink produced from soya beans by soaking, grinding and boiling them in water. You can create job for yourself by producing and selling soymilk. It is in high demand because of the above-named chemical composition in the soya beans and the consequent health benefits.

Preparation (Soymilk Production)

The ingredients for the preparation are dry soya beans, water, sugar, and vanilla flavour.

First Step 1: Get some measures of soya beans, rinse and boil for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Soymilk Production

Step 2: Remove from the fire and soak in cold water for about 6 – 8 hours.

Step 3: Wash the soya beans thoroughly to remove the shaft. Then rinse with water and keep in a clean bowl.

4: Grind with a grinding machine if they are much and with a blender if relatively lesser in quantity.

Step 5: Sieve with sieving material (net sieve) to separate the shaft from the beans.

Step 6: Boil the liquid for 1 – 2 hours. Monitor it to ensure that the liquid does not foam away.

Step 7: Put the liquid down from fire and allow it to cool. Then add sugar and vanilla flavour to taste.

Final Step 8: Put the liquid into plastic containers or bottle and freeze if there is freezer. Alternatively, use ice block to chill it.

Step 9: The soymilk is ready for drinking. It is as simple as that. Use straw or cup to drink and dispose the container properly after use.

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Ensure that the can or bottle you are using is clean and attractive. You can brand the bottle or can in your own company name, just as you have it with those selling bottled water. Give it a unique treat and a definite standard.


Marketing is an essential aspect of every business, big or small. You must have a unique way of marketing your product to attract customers. You can sell your product in several places such as companies and work places, schools, bus stops, markets and wherever you find multitude of people. Create brand loyalty for your product by ensuring consistent and prompt delivery. Also apply good customer relations to build up your clientele.

Soymilk Production

As you can see, soymilk production is a simple process. It is a business anybody with a culture of hygiene and a sense of self-worth can do either full time or on part-time basis. The raw materials are available and relatively cheap too but the demand for the product is high because of the nutritional value.

This business can make you rich if you care. Why don’t you try it today and create job for yourself and others. With high return on investment, you can grow the business to any length you like. You can grow it to big factory with automated machines.

Remember fortunes smile only on those who dare. You will succeed! I will like to hear from you. Cheers!


Thank you so much. now i know there’s really no excuse for failure…


This is a very good opportunity and eye an opener’s for investment. Am interested in this, can i get more information on it. Thanks


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Right!!! It is a huge investment opportunity… What more would you want to know about this?

Yes i have it on my business ideas to venture into soyamilk production but do not know much until after reading your article,my question is there no way one can start with little capital and grow.


Everyone can start a business with capital… You can too

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We can supply you the raw material that is the soya beans. Any ammount you want and other things. Get in touch 08134700705 WhatsApp and call


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Please I would like to know just one thing about this biz u may choose not to mention another but one thing… Apart from refrigeration are there other preservatives to soymilk, and if truly it can be preserved, for how long? I’m interested Thanks


Hi @Lebenzofficial Soybean products are very prone to spoilage, the only way to store soymilk at room temperature is to have it prepared commercially in a sterile environment.
Soymilk is ultra pasteurized at high temperature andsealed in an extremely sterile environment
Another option is to buy dry soybean which can be stored unrefrigerated for up to a year.

Soymilk spoils after 7days but pressurization increases the soymilk shelf life by at least 2 weeks …
Hope this answers your question …


Want to go into soymilk production ,how can you be of help pls.

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Will want to go into this business,soymilk production.what and what will i need ?can i have access to loan or grant?

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Hmmm… Interesting! @Fatimausmanzahra we have a few articles that can help

Feel free to get back in touch anytime…Thanks

thanks for the info
I want to know how to prepare the powder soya milk


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Thanks for the soya milk guide, will try this method.


Really? please let us know how it turns out… :joy:

Please I think we need to know the quantity of water, sugar and vanilla flavour to add per kg of soya beans grounded so that the milk will be superb


Hi @Yomi, Here is an article that can help

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