How To Market Agricultural Products In Nigeria

Agriculture is the most essential career in life. This is because agricultural products provide the most basic human need-food. In recent times, a lot of changes have been brought into its system. Cultivation, production, preservation and sales. Governments of various countries have sought ways to improve their agricultural mechanism. These has resulted in maximum production of some foods. Farmers are faced with challenges of how to market agricultural products despite that many these products the the world cannot have enough. These are convertible products, I mean products that could be converted to many other use. E:g coco, palm oil, cassava etc.

As the demand keeps growing, the scarcity also keeps growing. Not because the world is running out of the products totally, but because a lot of local farmers don’t know how or where to put out their products for sale. A lot of buyers also don’t know where to go about buying. And that is where the opportunity lies. These people need your help, and they are willing to pay for it. The question is; how do you help?

1. Become An Agric Agent

Everyone is an agent, it depends on how you want to apply it. A whole lot of people use this talent in housing, shipping, traveling etc. One sector that is duly neglected is agriculture. It maybe that people think they wouldn’t pay their bills doing it, or they don’t know how to go about it.

In a setting where people are looking for opportunities to make a living, everything is worth trying. Below are steps you need to take to market agricultural products. Try it today, especially when it wouldn’t cost you much to try. And this uncommon opportunity for common people will answer your financial questions, if you apply the principles of an agent.

2. Start With The Farmers

Your first steps should be with the agricultural producers. Highlight the wanted products and see where they are produced. Work out your terms with them. Usually in housing, an agent takes 10% of the payment made. But here you have the opportunity to work out your percentage. But that depends totally on what is agreeable between you and the producers.

3. Look For Agric Buyers

When you have got yourself acquainted to many products and producers, look for buyers. How do you do this? Highlight the available products, put them out online. you could use “free online ads” to do this. But it’s better to establish a web page of your own, where potential buyers searching online could be easily referred. If you have the financial status to put out ads on popular web pages, it’s a plus. Use business directly sites to advertise your new venture. Don’t just browse to chat, use social networks too.

Keep your channels of communication open. In time, buyers will come calling. Do not give them a reason to doubt your seriousness by not replying their mail or messages when due. Get a reliable network that will keep you online always.

4. Negotiate With Your Buyer

You are only but an agent, that fact should be made known to your buyers. Work out your percentage with them. That you have done this with the producer should not stop you from doing it with your buyer. After-all you are helping the two parties get what they need. Now you see why you are better off being an agent here.

5. Keep In Touch With The Farmers

Some products are harvested periodically, keep in touch with producers to know when the products will be ready. And post the information on your web page, not only for your already existing customers, but potentials too. When you have established reliable communication between you and your clients, information will not be as difficult as in the beginning.

6. Look For More Products

To keep your market place lively and updated, look for more products to add to your list. Keep your web page updated with the new products. You may need to learn more about web hosting in order to do this effectively. You should also know that the amount of people who visit your website daily, will result in how much more money you will make from adverts.