How To Make Soya Milk Powder 2


Soya milk powder is very healthy, in fact, much healthier than most milks we buy out there so if you’re dieting, it’s your best bet and it’s very nutritious too. The plus is, it’s easy to make! Just wash it, remove the hulls, blend and then it’s ready for home use, and who says you can’t sweeten, package and sell it?

Buy soy beans in the market, wash, expose to heat to make the beans tender, remove the hulls, then grind the beans. After grinding, your soy bean powder is ready, package and keep in an air tight container (you can decide to sweeten it).

What you need;

  • Frying pan or popcorn maker
  • Blender
  • Soy beans

How to make soy milk powder

  • Roast the beans in the frying pan on high heat and stir occasionally so it can roast evenly, if you’re using popcorn maker, keep stirring so it doesn’t burn. After 10 minutes of roasting it should be tender (test it).
  • Once the beans is brown, run the soy beans mildly through your blender to separate the beans from the hulls, pour inside a tray and blow the hulls away with your mouth.
  • Then blend until smooth, but I’d advice you fry the beans again (for about 2 minutes) as soya beans blend easily when it’s warm.

Your soya beans powder is ready, store in an airtight container and keep in a dark, cool place. When you want to use it, the powder can be added to cereals and if you want to add it to your child’s food (be sure they aren’t allergic to soy), you can sweeten it a little.


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