How to get loan found

Adegbokun Adewole by my name i am from osun state i am 33 years of age but now live in Lagos i am a good farm and business man and i want to find out how i can get finance or grant or loan i have 60 acres in ogbomoso oyo state and i need capital to state the bussness we are plaining to plant crops like tomato(for tomato paste) cassava for gairl and flower planting of bananas for plantain flowers and animal farming because all this works for themselves e.g. waste of animals is us for planting and it can be use to feed fishes and the waste of produce crop can be use for feeding animals and it will still be an opportunity for employment in Nigeria please i need capital or partners to grow agriculture

I need loan to boost my farm pls help me nd grant loan for I will return it to u bese on condition time

Visit nipost office in Ikeja. Ask of NIRSAL office there. Then make ya enquiry about Agric loan

I sent an email already