How Nigerians can make money from Castor seed farming

Over 30bn worth of Castor oil is imported from India alone to Nigeria every year, while Nigerians watch as foreigners come into the country to collect our money in raw cash. We have arable land suitable for Castor seed farming. Let’s take advantage.

Castor (Ricinus communis) is a seed cultivated round the world because of it’s oil from the seed. Opportunity is numerous and Castor farmers could earn up to 50m on ten hectares of land over a period of 7 years.

Uses of Castor oil

Because of its tremendous demand from critical industries. The current consumption and it’s derivatives in the local domain is put at 300,000 tonnes. Castor oil can be used in paint, jet engine lubricant, polishes, perfumes, soaps, hydraulic brake fluid, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products also. Potentials castor farmers are advised to seek expert advice before venturing. who will teach you how to get good seed and marketing it.

Castor oil is also sold to electric companies, textile industries, paint Industries, aviation industries and pharmaceutical companies just to mention a few.

Castor is a 7 years plant and the current price of 1 tonne is about $800 – $1,200. It’s depends on the kind of species you plant, which means you harvest about 15 times for 7 years. It can be harvested twice a year.



How do I start and how do I meet the experts in it?. You can reach me on 08147924820

Will also want to be among this great venture. I have the land already, how do I get the seeds and which way forward. Contact… 08091177478

Im very interested in castor seed farming. Does it thrive in southern plateau because i have ready virgin land there. I will be glad to get information on seeds, funding support for this.
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I can help you get the seeds…
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Hello @ladyjay Welcome back…Commercial growing of castor seeds is very much successful due to its high demand in local and international markets, which is actually a great choice of farming. Let’s share an article that can help you better

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Thank you @Jafcom… Do you have a farm for castor oil?


Please how can I invest in this ?

my number is 08032311769

please I’m interested in castor oil, how do I get the seed and can it grow here in osun state. You can reach me

Yes, I plant the seed.

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please how can i get into this business