How many Acres do you need for a Farm Business

Hello everyone,

What do you think about starting a farm with just 5 acres of land?

I would like to hear your thoughts on how many acres you need to start a farm.

I spoke to some farmers and their response was to start a farm, you would need at least 500 owned acres and 1,000 leased acres to start a farm for a proper agribusiness. The quality of the land certainly affects those numbers. This made me curious, so I decided to drill down this question to @Everybody.

I think 5-10 acres is reasonable enough to start a farm business with………… What do you think?


The acres of land depends on there fertility

If I get four acres of land at Akure I will do exploits, cassava, corn, yam, tomatoes etc

People always look at output, rich harvests and large profits when looking to start a farm.
There’s a need to be practical and honest as to what you can achieve, starting with 5 acres or less is very good.
Don’t start what you can’t control, finish or finance.

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10 isn’t bad for a start

to start, i will start small with 2 acres to learn and grow

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Number of acres should be determined by the type of farming.However 5acres of land is enough to start and run a poultry and fishery farming

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Hello all,
I think 5 acres is good enough as it is wise to start small. Except you intend to do crops like cassava, and of course, you have the resources to acquire huge expanse of land.

Eldred Awani.

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5 acres of land is perfectly enough to start a farm.

Yes, it’s reasonable as you have righty stated but when the means is not available, what do we do?
Are there hectares of land to be sold at cheap rates for personal use.


I will consider 6 ideal for startup,ceteris paribus.

All I need is 600 acres

It’s all depends on the kind of farming you are taking about.
Most cultivate farming measure land in hectares and to maximize productivity one should be looking in the range of 10 hectares upward.

For me 5 acres of land is enough for me

You can start with even just a hectare (2.5 acres). To test yield and cost if your appetite for risk is low. However in farming like every other business the larger it is the lower the unit cost. It’s called the economic of scale.
You don’t necessarily need to own the land. They are several options this days like renting, lease or joining a cooperative scheme that makes land available to members.
Am willing to allow you access to 5 acres for free just to encourage you to farm


It actually depends on the fertility of the soil. Most time you might have large acres of land but the productivity might be low. Also if it also has to be with livestock production I think it is okay.

I live in an ikorodu ,I need 1acre for my poultry business

5 Acres of land is enough for start a farm business.

To enjoy economy of scale as a starter 5-10 acres will do . you will have value for money spent on mechanising it.


I think 1 acre or less is fine to start with…