How is peanut oil extracted?

Peanuts, high-oil-containing oilseeds, can be extracted fragrant peanut oil that is rich in antioxidant vitamin E. The peanut oil extracted by physical oil pressing process features natural ingredients and aroma of peanut oil and has longer shelf life. How the peanut oil is extracted? Generally, the peanut oil extraction process adopts the mechanical oil pressing technology to obtain peanut oil, which avoids chemical additives. And the mechanical oil extraction technology combines the modern and the traditional oil extraction methods, so it can ensure the fragrance of the peanut oil, which is deeply loved by customers.

Complete Peanut Oil Manufacturing Process
The complete peanut oil extraction process can ensure the nutrition, flavor, safety and fragrance of peanut oil. It is mainly composed of cleaning , shelling , grading , crushing , rolling , steaming or cooking , pressing , filtering and refining . The whole process requires a series of peanut oil making machine.

  • Cleaning: The raw materials for peanut oil extraction should be fresh, full-grained, undamaged, mildew-free, and free of insects and have not undergone an aging period. Cleaning process can remove the immature, damaged and moldy grains. (Equipment: Self-regulation vibrating sieve, magnetic separator, cleaning sieve, etc.)

  • Shelling: Peanuts with shells should use peanut sheller to remove the shells so as to increase the oil yield, improve the quality of the oil and cake and smooth the following peanut oil production process. (Equipment: Peanut Shelling Machine)

  • Grading: Some of the peanut oil production plant may add this process to separate the small peanuts and large peanuts for different treatments. (Equipment: Peanut Kernel Grading Machine)
  • Crushing: This process is to remove the red skin by crushing the peanut kernels. Then get rid of the red skin by wind separator. At the same time, large size peanut kernels are crushed into smaller size. The moisture of crushed peanuts can be better controlled. (Equipment: Peanuts Crushing Machine)
  • Rolling: After crushing, peanuts are rolled through the instantaneous extrusion force between the two rollers to form the embryo slice, the shape of the peanut is changed, the oil path is shortened, which is beneficial to the peanut oil extraction. (Equipment: Peanut Rolling Machine)

  • Steaming or Cooking: This process is to adjust the moisture of peanut embryo slice by changing the temperature so as to improve the oil extraction rate and ensure the final peanut oil has a strong aroma. (Equipment: Five-layer Vertical Steam Cooker, Electrical Cooker)

  • Pressing: The steamed or cooked peanut embryo slices are then pressed by peanut oil press machine for oil extraction. The screw peanut oil machine can ensure the original cell structure of the peanut is destroyed under mechanical force to obtain a pressed crude oil.

  • Filtering: Crude peanut oil may include some organic impurities that can be easily removed by edible oil filter machine or other type’s oil filter machine.
  • Refining: The crude peanut oil that is filtered by oil filter machine is pure and clean. But it still contain many oil-soluble and non oil-soluble impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the peanut oil production plant with professional edible oil refinery equipment to get them off and get the refined high quality peanut oil.

Small Scale Peanut Oil Extraction Line for Sales

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