How Important is Agriculture To The Nigerian Economy?

No Farmer! No Food! No Future!

In recent times, agriculture has proven to reduce poverty, raise income and improve food security for at least 80% of the world’s population, especially those who live in rural areas and work mainly on the farm.

While we know this, a lot more people still do not agree. It is “popularly” assumed that there are other sectors that are more important than agriculture, like oil and gas. Agriculture provides the food we eat which is our key source of survival.

@Everybody Which of these schools of thought do you belong to? How important do you think agriculture is to Nigeria?

Proud to be a mixed Farmer

No country can survive without agriculture. Nigeria must fully go back to Agriculture if we hoped to be sustained.

The contributions of Agriculture to Nigeria economy cannot be over emphasized, Statistics have shown that 70% of Nigerian partakes in Agriculture.

Nigeria has all it takes to be self reliant . We can boost Animal production to keep ourselves out of shame .

Sustainability of human beings solely depends on Agriculture and there’s no part of the world that can survive without it. It is the first profession and…

Dear all
Kindly note that food we eat is a key source of survival of every Nigerian and if Nigerian can go back to agriculture we will have a better economy than any other African countries to even compute with the best economic countries in the world because we have the resources and capacity to do more in agriculture.

He who rated any other sectors above agriculture doesn’t understand anything whatsoever.

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I haven’t see any country that survived without agriculture and important of agriculture to humans and animals isn’t what we can just overview. I urge our government and we citizens of Nigeria to take more note to this agricultural stuff because no farmers no life and no future because farmers are king.

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Well as for me I belong to the thought of Agriculture is the best of the life

Pleased to have your notification every now and then. I want to set up a green farm in my village and other contemporary farming activities. How can I be fully guided? Farming is the most promising economic activity for a sustained national life. The earlier we return to farming the better and more prosperous Nigeria.


I couldn’t agree more with you. Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you for your kind feedback… Let’s share a few articles with you to help better.

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Lol…I know right! well said @Assent789

Plz I want to know which breed is good for layers

Hi @Ewere3, kindly read the article below for better understanding:

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My name is Alexander Nwanze, i have the passion to set up a piggery farm. Please i need an insight to the setting up.
Thank you.

Hi @thegreatman, we’ll like to help you set up by sharing a few articles on piggy farming. Read below.

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Am definitely going to need your assistance in setting the farm up when am ready and before long.
Thanks a million.

You’re welcome @thegreatman, we’ll look forward to help you further.