How cassava Is Being Processed Into Garri Locally

Also known as Mandioca, cassava is a very versatile meaning it has a lot of preparation process ranging from boiling, baking, steaming, grilling, frying. Popularly known in Africa where it is widely grown and produced especially in Nigeria. In this article i will show you how Cassava is being processed into Garri.

Garri is a whitish substance gotten from cassava. It can drunk with water or prepared with hot water to make eba. To enjoy the drinking more, you can add sugar or honey, milk and groundnut.

How To Process Cassava Into Garri Locally

Firstly the cassava has to be harvested from the farm after they must have matured.

Once you must have gathered the cassava you want to process, the peeling process starts. At this stage, knives will be used to peel the cover of the cassava.

After the peeling, the cassava will be washed thoroughly. then the cassava will be grinded with a grinding machine.

After the grinding, the mash will be tied up in a sack for fermentation placed in a press machine that will extract the liquid in the mash. This usually take up to 7 days. Some people do not not usually wait up to 7 days. This is dangerous as it can be poisonous if it does not use the required time.

The cassava is extracted after 7 days and sieved.

Once it has been sieved, then we head to the final process which is frying.

The sieved cassava will be poured into the pot used for frying. There has to be enough firewood for fire. Then this process mainly involve pouring of the sieved cassava into the pot and stirring till it gets done. The whole process is repeated till the sieved cassava is finished.

Then it can be packaged and taken to the market for sale or used as food in the home .

Source: Steemit