How Absence Of Data Is Crippling Dairy Sector

Experts in the agric sector, especially those in the dairy subsector, have called for an all-inclusive approach towards improving the availability of critical data to assist new entrants.

The unavailability of such data is said to be one of the major setbacks to the growth and development of the sector; therefore, the experts are calling for a strategic action that would bring transformation. This, they said, would go a long way in assisting the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

They warned that the drive towards self-sufficiency in dairy products would not be successful if stakeholders continued to make decisions ‘blindly’ by relying on stale data or no data at all.

In his article titled, Strategic Actions to Transform Nigeria’s Dairy Sector: Investing in Reliable Industry Data, Mr Dianabasi Akpainyang of the Commercial Dairy Ranchers Association of Nigeria (CODARAN) said Nigeria’s dairy sector was suffering from a dearth of reliable data.

“Business managers, investors, regulators, development partners and other stakeholders are virtually groping in the dark when data is required for decision making in the sector,” he said.

He explained that up till February 2021, there was no easily accessible data on the monthly volumes and value of imported milk into Nigeria and no aggregated data to track annual milk import figures.

He said the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) only had information on dairy imports by companies that purchased foreign exchange through the official window, insisting that not all importers of milk and dairy products sourced foreign exchange from the apex bank.

“The list of countries of origin of Nigeria’s milk imports and top milk importers is also not available,’’ he added.

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