High Cost Of Food: Most Farmers Now In IDPs, Can’t Go To Farms

A commercial maize farmer in Benue State, Tarnongo Viralis has said that insecurity is fueling high cost of food because most of the farmers in the north are now living in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps.


Viralis said for the first time in history, a bag of maize has gone over N30,000 because farmers cannot access their farms again due to increase in banditry, kidnapping and terrorism.

“The high cost of farm produce in the country is because of insecurity, most farmers are in the Internally Displaced Persons camp, there are no farmers in their places to produce all these food that is why the price of food items is high.

“Since I was born, this is my first time seeing that a bag of corn is above N30,000, and corn is not available for people to buy, a bag of soybean is sold for over N40,000, it is very strange. Farm inputs such as fertiliser and chemicals are very expensive and farmers cannot afford them”, he said.

For Femi Abioye, the President of Igangan Agro Park Investors Association (IAPIA), to reduce the price of food in the market, there is a need to increase investment in agriculture, which will trickle down to all the value chains of agricultural commodities.

Source- Tribune