Help on Cassava Farming

I want to start cassava farming and I need help to start.Please can I be assisted. I base in Lagos and I will like to start in area like Ogun State. Please help me to start a career in agriculture.
Many people are out there who want to go into agriculture but don’t know how to begin and who to call for help. Some are financially capable while many are incapacitated financially and we have even working class that needs it either as a substitute or as an extra income avenue, but don’t know how to go into it. I will appreciate it if this platform can introduce a right person who can help in this regards as you do, the world will appreciate you.
Thanks so much.

Chat me up on Whatsapp 09052123203, lets consider some terms of partnership

Good day, I might be able to put you through. feel free to contact me on 07068384476, message me first with your name and purpose of call. So I will be able to respond fast to your calls.