Hello enlightenment

Am fortunate to belong to this wonderful group.
Pls I will like to go to agriculture, I like some one that can enlighten me on what I can lay my hand s on for now am eyeing cucumber, pls I need a mentor and anything other thing I can do on agric , presently am not in country but here i am now am fed of the job am doing, I want to come home and invest in agric, thanks blessed people

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Agriculture is broad and with wide value chain and understanding the science and the business aspect of your investment interest underpins your success. I wish u can leverage on our existing experience, traction and invest with us.
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Dear Bunny
My first advice is that under no circumstances must you be an absentee farmer. Ensure you are in Nigeria before you start anything otherwise your money would be wasted.

Secondly Farming is great but very challenging. Let nobody trivialize this point for whatever reason.

Am Gbolahan, a representative of Natures Hydro Farms, you can join our training on WhatsApp. https://chat.whatsapp.com/IWCrjQnP3MTBOSOMefgOBB

Contact me on 08098040772 for discussion about your proposal just whatapp me then I will get back to you because am in UK but run a farm in Nigeria thanks

Crowder Agriculture gat your back, we are specialist in agriculture from consultancy, farm management, clusters farming, cooperative etc chat me up for details and the area you want to choose. 08101196468

I really appreciate your candid advice thanks so much