Heliculture Exposed

I believe that chickens ones belonged to the wild before this era that we can only find them in the poultry.
The rate at which snails are been consumed is a treat to there existence. So why not seize the opportunity to learn how to begin your own snailery in order to save these creatures and make money in return. Learn how to become a great Snail Farmer

I have heard of trainings were the students don’t benefit to the core and still consult to begin their farms. This case is different, from day 2 of the program every student will begin the construction of their own snail farms.
A free practical handbook will be issued to all students to referral purposes. 10 parent snails will be given to you to begin your own farm. Certificates will be issued at the end of the training. Only 2hours twice in a week is required of you to attend classes.

Why not participate or sponsor anyone to benefit from this opportunity.

A live video class is also available.

Call the contact on the flier for more info

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