Health benefits of Amaranth

Amaranth was cultivated by the Aztecs, although, it’s classified into two the grain and the leaves. But basically, the leave is what will be considered today.

The unique health benefits of amaranth include its ability to stimulate growth and repair, reduce inflammation, prevent certain chronic diseases, boost bone strength, and lower blood pressure. It helps improve the immune system, maintain healthy hair, and much more than one can imagine.

Health Benefit of Amaranth:

  1. It’s High In Calcium

Amaranth leaves contain a wide range of minerals, including a high concentration of calcium. There are very few leafy vegetables that contain higher levels of calcium, making it a veritable superfood in terms of boosting bone strength and preventing osteoporosis because it has twice the calcium as milk.

2. Helps With Hair Loss And Greying

Eating amaranth regularly helps with hair loss and it also helps moisturize and flatten grey hair,

Application: juice the leaves and apply it after shampooing, wait for about 10-15mins then rinse. Constant practice of this would give your hair more attraction.

3. Lowers Cholesterol And Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Amaranth has fiber which contributes to lower cholesterol and risk of constipation. It’s also rich in phytosterols, also known for lowering cholesterol.

4. Improves Digestion

There are a number of gastrointestinal benefits to eating amaranth including its high fiber content, which results in smooth digestion of food and facilitates an efficient uptake of minerals.

  1. Vitamins

Amaranth is also a good source of many essential Vitamins including A, C, E, K, B5, B6, and folate. These acts as antioxidants raise energy levels, control hormones, and so much more.

Source: AgroNigeria