Health benefit of strawberry

Mother Day Special.

Few is said about the health benefit of some fruits in Nigeria, with some parents not encouraging their household to consume this fruits. Among all the fruits in circulation in the world, their is one that is generally, not given much attentions in Nigeria, due to popular belief that it cannot grow in Nigeria, or in some places or that it imported. The name of the fruit is strawberry!
Some years aback I had my own encounter with strawberry and it has changed by view about the plant, and the fruit in particular.
Now what are the benefit of strawberry consumption?
Lows blood pressure: those that suffer diabetes can use strawberry to help them self. Ancient Roma’s use strawberry to heal them self.
Helps in Eye Sight: I once suffered an eye problem for seventeen years, it got so bad that I was visiting the hospital weekly spending more that fifty thousand, FMC Asaba.
Offers Protection Against Cancer: We all know that their is a global campaign against cancer, want to stay safe? Eat more of berries!
Helps against stroke, arthritis, gout, improve immune functioning.

Having said the above, the question now is how do I get berries? I worked into a supermarket in Portharcout, and bought a plate of berries less that half kg for three thousand naira.
With the cost of this fruit, the average man will not be able to afford, this fruit.
Let me be quick to remind you that you can grow these berries in any part of Nigeria(forget the lies), our berries in Asaba is already fruit, and the once in Portharcout are doing well. The question now is how do you set up this farm? Setting up your own strawberry garden( fifty stands) will cost nothing more than fifty thousand naira.

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