Hatchery Pond Management

Check the acidity of the pond - it’s been proven that from the south south region, acidity is high on the lands. Soil water should be improved by raising it to pH 7 which is neutral to the fish. Use of 114kg hydrated lime per hectare is recommended to be applied to the Land. 1kg of line will save for 87.7metre square.
Other manure include - chicken manure, cow dung, pig dung. Organic and inorganic manure can be combined at the same home but they shouldn’t be accumulated at the bottom of the pond.
The fish should be given supplementary fed. i.e growing of pathogens in the pond
The pond Is rich wen you dip your hands inside and you can’t see your palms.

Pond Protection.
The farmer should be able to protect the pond from predators like frog, hygena, etc.
It must be done, before the fish is introduced.
After the pond preparation, water analysis is the next thing to so
The water is taken to a lab to certify it is a pH7.
Stocking is done after the fish has grown from a tank either of plastic, mobile or concrete.