Growing castor plant in nigeria

Have you heard of CASTOR OIL ?
Well don’t worry, I’m not here to bore you with all the many botanical names and definitions of this plant that can be grown locally, and if well managed, can produce good money for you. The beautiful thing is that it’s in high demand by most multi-national companies. So the market is yet to be exploited fully. Every young enterpreneur should be interested in castor.

Abcmash ( a leading company in the production of castor oil ) has this to say about castor oil
“Castor oil is considered as one of the most useful plant oils ever discovered all over the world. It has been used in food, pharmaceutical, and other industries in order to produce certain products. Aside from that, castor oil is the main source of useful oleochemicals. This type of oil can help provide comprehensive resources in connection to castor plant, castor bean, castor derivatives, and other castor-based oleochemicals.”

Here are some pictures of castor plant from abcmash.

Castor oil is closer to you than you know.
Let me show you about six things castor oil is used for:
1.The reason why your paint is glossy its because castor oil was used in making it.

  1. Woman in labor need castor oil to aid them during childbirth.
  2. I’m sure most of us drive flashy cars, but did you know that castor oil is the reason why our cars shine? Yes, it is needed to produce the paint used on cars.
  3. The shinny woodwork and furniture in our houses gets their shine from Castor oil.
    As a matter of fact, anything you see that is shinny has Castor oil in it.
  4. It might also interest you to know that Electricity Generating Companies need castor oil. Unfortunately the Power Holdings in Nigeria still imports castor oil for their transformers.

Yes, there’s a lot of money in it. The money in castor is in the production of its oil. With a small processing machine, a castor oil producer can make so much money in a year. You could even call yourself an oil worker, or an oil company owner. (After all, oil na oil. Lol)
This is a picture of a small castor oil processing maching that can make you a millionaire.

Crude castor oil could be sold to *electricity companies, textile industries, paint industries, Aviation industries, Pharmaceutical industries to mention a few . All these industries needs castor oil in Nigeria, and presently they import the oil from places like India and china .

Sometime last year, I attended my girlfriend’s induction and I wondered why people celebrated them so much than most profession. Some guys were already proposing to her before the day. Of cause we all love pharmacists. I graduated as a linguist, and no one even knew. Who cares about being a linguist in Nigeria anyway?

Obviously, the reason why we celebrate them it’s because the course is lucrative. But do you know you can become a major distributor of castor oil to most pharmaceutical companies and make more money than them?
Pharmaceutical industries need organic castor bean oil to produce pain killers as well as other drugs.

The world consumption is high and production is too low. What other reason should one venture into a business than this?

Castor is very rich in protein, but also very poisonous, because of the high Rasin content.
Though the rasin can be removed.

Facts that will marvel you

  1. Castor is a 7 year plant . This means that one time investment will last for 7 good years. To me this is incredible.
  2. A ton of castor bean sells for $1,500 USD as at now
  3. If you plant castor on 2½ acres of land (1 hecter). You get 1 ton every 5months for 7 years
    This means you will harvest about 15 times. This is amazing.

It starts producing from the 5th month after planting .

It only needs rain, or watering and a warm temperature to survive .
And that makes you a silent millionaire
Most people can hardly recognise what it is, so it doesn’t really call for attention.

We might not as of yet have good castor seeds in Nigeria, but we have the best lands and climate for castor plant.

Castor oil has many uses in medicine and other applications.

An alcoholic extract of the leaf was shown, in lab rats, to protect the liver from damage from certain poisons. Methanolic extracts of the leaves of Ricinus communis were used in antimicrobial testing against eight pathogenic bacteria in rats and showed antimicrobial properties. The extract was not toxic. The pericarp of Ricinus showed central nervous system effects in mice at low doses. At high doses mice quickly died. A water extract of the root bark showed analgesic activity in rats. Antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties were found in ethanolic extract of Ricinus communis root bark.

Castor oil is an effective motor lubricant (Bio Deisel) and has been used in internal combustion engines, including those of World War 1 airplanes, some racing cars and some model airplanes. It has historically been popular for lubricating two-stroke engines due to high resistance to heat compared to petroleum-based oils. It does not mix well with petroleum products in particular.

One problem with farming in Nigeria is the problem of fulani herd’s men bringing their cattle to destroy your crops. But with castor, you don’t need to bother; as castor plants are very high in rasin. The animals won’t even come close.This makes it totally safe.

Castor is poisonous. So if you touch Castor, please do not forget to properly wash your hands.

Source: Steemit

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