Grass cutter (Cane Rat) farming

Cane rat / grass cutter farming is very good and lucrative if you have access to a rearing space like a small parking store, room or a kitchen. They are never a trouble or threat to you as they rely majorly on grasses as their food source. Cane rats are considered to be the most efficient bush-meat producers. Cane rat or cutting grass which is known and called locally as OYA in Yoruba land, NCHI in Ibo land ,GEBGI in most part of Hausa land.

There are a lot of reasons you need to keep and raise grass cutter animal or cane rats. Apart from the fact that they are very friendly animals, they are good entertainers, as they will entertain you with their playfulness. Additionally, your kitchen vegetable waste can be used to feed them and they can be used for agricultural exhibitions.

Unique Features of cane rat farming

Acceptability, Economy of Land Use, Low Cost of Running after Establishment, Market, Environmental Friendly, Technically, Less Health Problem, Return on Investment, Connectivity, Can easily Managed by all.

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