#GameTuesday: Let's Play a Game!

Hello @Everybody, Let’s play a true or false game!!!


Hens lay 5 eggs per day?

True or False.

Comment your answers below…Let’s see who wins.


I know of two daily almost 3 not 5

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The answer is false. A hen can not lay up to 5 eggs daily.

False, a hen lays 1 egg in 24 hours(1 day)

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The answer to your question is false

Native No but agric layer yes

Capital No is one egg per day

False…most times one egg per day

False, hen lay maximum 2eggs per day

Yes. Hens, not Hen, lay 5 eggs per day.

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Hen can’t lay five eggs per day

No hen lays one egg in a day six in a week.

False! Five egg per day is much

False… A hen can only lay one egg per day

Naaa…5 is an exaggeration. Is false.

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False. Free range local hens lay only one egg per day.
But agric layers lay more bc of their feed formulation & other injectables.

Hen can only lay ONE Egg per day.

Hen lay 5 eggs per day is false.
With aid of given good proportion formula to the hens before it can lay 3 eggs per day.

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False it Lay’s one or two.