Free Training For Intending Farmers

Do you desire to go into farming? but lack the required skills and knowledge?
Join us for a live training, and a virtual tour round one of our farms via Zoom.
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Call:08134700705(WhatsApp enabled)
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Are you set? Join us tomorrow for a live training on farming for free!
We will be looking at
Strawberry & Grape Farming
Lettuce (Normal, Chinese and Purple)
Broccoli and lots more!!

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Time is 10am
Venue is Zoom.

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Note:Participants must have Zoom App(available on Google and Apple Store) pre-installed on their phones, with enough data bundle.
Call 08134700705 for more info.

Join us today again for the last episode of our farm tour series for free!!
Time: 10am(expected to. be online by 9:50am)
Venue: Zoom App.

Crop In view: Veggies and Fruits.

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Participants most have the zoom app already preinstalled on their devices(available on Google and Apple Store).
If having issues with signing in, kindly reregister to see your meeting ID and password, We start rejecting calls from 9:57am, so call for assistance before then, also ensure you have a stable internet connection, and MUTE you mouthpiece

Call 08134700705 for further assistance.

… agriculture, the green collar JOB…

Get the right knowledge about farming.
A-Z of Vegetables and Fruit farming for free.
Partake of our Free Call-In Session
Learn cost, and expected RoI from Vegetable and Fruit Farming.

Time: 9-5pm daily
Date: 11-20|May|2020

Call 08134700705

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50% discount for those starting Immediately