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Daily, there is an increase to the amount of disease due to the fact that most individuals don’t consume organic items.
Most individuals don’t even know that their basic food items that can be grown in the side of their houses, or as mini garden. Join us as we teach you the basis of growing some veggies with live illustration.
Veggies ranging from waterleaf to pumpkin, plants like Irish potatoes,strawberries,yams etc.
We also be teaching tumeric, ginger, tomatoes, pepper, and lots more.

Venue:Telegram Messenger
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Cost: free.
Date: July 1st 2019.

Enquiries:zero eight one three four seven zero zero seven zero five.

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Good afternoon house, for the past days we have been encouraging all of us to join our telegram group for the next training starting on Monday, please if you are yet to join, kindly do so as the training promises to be an eye opener, poised at rebranding the way we do agriculture (plants). Kindly join through