Forgotten aspect of Agriculture

There are aspect of agriculture that needed to be well elaborated on
Firstly; Agriculture is not limited to the cultivation of crops and raising of livestock alone
But experience had made it known to us about how lukrative that other aspects are such as;
Mushroom production technology and
Agricultural storage management

Storage being the most important to any Agronomic farmers seems to be the most neglecting aspect
This is because a maize farmer that experienced hard labor for about 3 month on the farm thinks that it is economical for him to sell without drying, threshing and shelling,
Likewisely rice, soybeans and cowpea farmers do think less about storage processing such as drying and de-husking

However; we are now in the era of Agricultural technology whereby storage operations are done easier with the aid of machines, but effective handling of those machines are specialization that requires the services of an expert on their own
Hence; I sees this as career to the upcoming Agriculturist and requires adequate attention from we youth
I’m thereby using this medium as an opportunity to invite all storage operators to share experience with us in this thread or platforms
Specifically, we have keen interest and grants to to start working on storage processing to aid the betterment of agricultural farmer but we lack the skills

Buying maize from community farmers, drying, threshing and shelling is an investment that will yield millions of naira within days, not to talk of other grains such as rice, cowpea and soybeans
To establish a group discussion on these please join us here;

I am hereby expecting views and opinions from agricultural expert
Thanks in anticipation
Oyeleke jubril
Koye agric garden