Fodder feed for livestocks farmers

Our Fodder feed will increases the mass of feed within a short period of time and the digestibility increases from about 25% to over 90%.

Faster weight gain in livestock with our freshly produced hydroponics fodder, livestock like pigs, cattle, etc can gain as much as 10kg in a month.

Higher quality meat with better texture and taste, also with minimal fats in thier body.

Livestocks farmer that incorporate our fodder feed into thier livestocks meals will save over 50% thier usual cost of feeding, which invariably leads to about 40% savings in production cost.

Our Fodder feeds will improved health in all livestocks which will leads to monthly savings on medicines.
It also improved milk productions in diary livestocks like pig, sheep, cattle etc

Better and richer lactation for nursing mother livestocks, leading to higher survival rate of offsprings.

Try our fodder feed, and you wont regret it.
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We can give out samples for trial at your request