Five Facts You Should Know About Eggs

ggs are proteinous food gotten from birds. The most common are eggs gotten from chicken. Eggs are useful not just for its protein but also used for cosmetic products. Here are facts you should know about eggs.

Egg shells and colour

How many times have you refused to buy an egg just because of the colour difference or the freckle-like spots on its body? You probably feel like there is some sort of nutritional deficiencies. However, eggs lacking in colour is solely due to genetics. If the clean coloured eggs and the splashes of colours eggs are raised under the same conditions, the taste and nutritional value will be of the same.

Egg yolk and colour

Ranging from pale yellow to deep orange and even sometimes almost red, egg yolk colour signifies a difference in nutritional value. The colour of the egg yolk shows how well fed the producing hens are. However, the difference is not in the protein and fat count, they are the same regardless of the yolk colour. It lies in the value of micronutrients present in yolks.

Fresh eggs

Aged eggs

Being that eggs take the same look even when it’s aged, it becomes hard to tell which from which and save yourself from some health risk. One very easy way to tell a fresh egg from an aged one is to place your egg into a bowl of cold water. Eggs are porous, which means they allow air movement through them. If the egg sinks to the bottom, it is safe to eat. But if it floats, it just means you should pass on eating it.

Egg white and egg yolk

The egg falls under the protein giving food, but it is believed by some people that the yolk has more protein than the egg white. You should, however, know that both the egg yolk and egg white has the same protein count, 3 grams but the yolk has more calories than the white, 60:15. So, if you are looking to reduce your calories, watch out for egg yolk.

Vitamin D and eggs

An easy way to access vitamin D has always been exposed to the early morning sunlight. Eggs are surprisingly among the best and few vitamin D giving food. But to be able to access it, you should not bake your eggs but preferably boil or fry them to maintain a good percentage of the vitamin.

Source: The Guardian