Fish Diseases and Treatments


Almost all types of animal suffers by diseases once or more during its lifetime. Fish are not the exception. They also get affected by different types of fish diseases. Diseases are the main obstacle for successful fish farming. But due to various reasons the fish of pond and this types of source are suffers much than open source like the river and sea. So, the fish of pond suffers from different types of diseases. By using modern farming methods in fish farming we can reduce diseases in fish. The common diseases of fish and its remedy are highlighted below.

Ulcer disease of fish

The shol, gojar, taki, pumpti, bain, koi, mani, mrigel and fish of low water label are suffered by this disease. The affected fish of this disease can be identified by red spots in its skin. The shape of this spot generally increase rapidly. The tail, back side and mouth are most affected places.If the fish infected by ulcer then the infected fish of the pond should removed immediately. The affected fish should keep in 100 g of salt mixing with 10 litters of water, then remove them to the pond again. To prevent this disease and keep the fish health well 1 kg of lime and 1 kg of salt should apply before the winter season come. This will keep the fish free from disease during the winter season.

Stomach swelling

Ruhita fish and catfish are mostly affected by this disease. The main landmarks of this disease is that the color of its body become pale. Due to water storage in the stomach the belly of the fish become big sized. The fish lost the balance of its body. Affected fish moves here and there and this is the main fish symptoms of disease. The fish meet death quickly. This disease generally happens for “Aromonads” bacteria.

The water from the stomach should removed by a empty syringe. After that 25 mg of clorem fenicle injection should apply for every one kg of fish or 200 mg of clorem fenicle powder may mix with the food and feed the fish. 1 kg of lime can use according to the size of the pond. In this case it is essential to use fish meal with the food of fish. Besides this it is important to ensure the natural food and sufficient supplementary food.

Source: RoyFarm

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