Final Bonanza For Strawberry

On daily basis, we receive calls from prospective strawberry farmers, stating that they have no land to farm it, or the land they have is water logged. In as much as the soil is required, very little of us know that land is not required for strawberry farming.
Today, I will be teaching us hanging system of farming strawberry.
As earlier stated, strawberry can do well like the aloe vera in a can(tin).
What is hanging system of strawberry farming: this involves the use of platforms suspended above the ground level, and have no contact with the soil. In other words, the plants are placed in bags, tons and place above the soil, either on wooden platforms, cement floors, or metallic stands.

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David Ezeonyekwere:
Benefit Of Hanging System Of Strawberry Farming:
It can be done even on polluted soil.
Its more cost efficient
It can be done in one backyard or front yard.
It is save the plant contact with the soil, thereby preventing contact with pest such as snail and caterpillars.
It is cost efficient, as scrap woods can be used.
It requires little technically to setup.
It can be done within a day, as no tillage of soil is required.
How Does @⁨cheapmarketdeal⁩ help with your farm set up.

Since last week, we have been on a promo to encourage persons to farm strawberry. The seedlings goes at a discounted rate of 600 naira including delivery to any part of Nigeria.


David Ezeonyekwere:
Sadly enough, the promo ends on Sunday. After that the price of the seedling will revert back to 1,300 per stand.

Now what are the benefits of Partaking in the promo?
You enjoy free technical support from us.
We will help you in setting up your farm.
We provide after sale services to you free.
We will also help in the construction of your hanging system free.
We will feature you and link you up with buyers.
Finally remember, the offer ends on Sunday by 11:59 pm.

One might ask what if I don’t want to plant now, but want to book for the seedlings to enjoy the promo? Its simple, we have that in place, when you pay now for the seedlings, they are kept in our nursery and delivered to you any day you call for it.

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