Fertilizer Distributor needed

Hi, everyone, this is jack, from China, I represent our company (Shifang Anda Chemicals) here to look for a fertilizer distributor (able to import), we will discuss a way of cooperation to make both of business gets larger. we produce fully water-soluble crystal powder type fertilizers, which is more efficient and safe to use, suit for both drip irrigation and foliar spray, please visit our site for more: www.anda-chem.com.

for details negotiations, please contact jack-zxl@anda-chem.com. thanks.

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any body read this? this is a real and good business proposal. people who have ambitions in agri businees, please talk to me.

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I will like to be part of your company distributor.
email: animashaunbabs@gmail.com for comprehensive discussions.

thank you.