Fertilizer and it's application

For a farmer to have a higher yield,he need to have a fertile and healthy land,in a situation where by the land is not fertile enough one need to apply what we called a fertilizer in other to improved the soil fertility.
Fertilizer is any substance organic or inorganic,natural or synthetics addede to the soil or supply to the crops for good growth and development of the crops.Fertilizer is of two types inorganic eg NPK and organic which is obtain from poulty and livestocks.
when the soil is not rich enough in nuterients,fertilizer is apply in other to supplement the missing elements in the soil.But in the process of applying fertilizer,one have to ensure he did not apply it excess,becourse when it’s in excess it may lead to a problem.
Note that, inorganic fertilizer work directly and immedietly after applying,and it’s recomended to be apply after planting.While organic those not do so,organic fertilizer have to be decayed and decomposed befor plant can be able to use it.When you apply organic fertilizer in your farm after crops have already grown it may be possible those crops will not use that fertilizer during that growing season till the next due to the process that the fertilizer have to undergo befor it may be available and ready for them to absorb.This is why organic fertilizer is recommended to apply befor growing season so that the organism in the soil will decomposed it and make it ready and available for crops when planted during the growing season.

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Thanks for the information but you did not mention the quantity to be applied and time gap. Note not everyone on this platform are experienced farmer, someone like me is just coming into farming.

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