#FarmersAdviceSeries: How to access loans for your Agribusiness


Thank you so much Sir… we really appreciate your time with us!!

We hope to have you back here… @EAOMOTI


Where can I get a grant. Thanks.


Intervention schemes… How do I get their support


Can you break this down sir?? These are huge words… What is Obligor


Many Thanks for your time and input.

Going through the session has being enlightening.

Thanks also to the convener of the discussion, very grateful.



How is that possible


I want to meet with you and talk more, to understand more


How do I participate in the training? And where in Nigeria is program taking place?


Thank you, well appreciated


Good evening I am new here.just trying to understand how it works


Missed this opportunity .pls furnish me with the documented materials
Roy Bassey


Hi Matthew, Who would you want to meet? The Moderator, @EAOMOTI or myself??


Hello Manshak,
All our #farm-advice series are held online in the community… All you need to participate is come online on a particular day and time and drop all questions.

We will be having another on the 1st of March 2019. Please follow the updates.


We are here for you. What would you like to know?


Hi Cattorneys, Kindly go through the thread to catch up…


You’re welcome Seun.


Good afternoon sir,

Is it possible for someone like me who is not available then to receive to minutes/communique of that discussion on Friday 15/02/2019.

The message is so important to me please. How to seek loan for agricbusiness, that is exactly what I am facing now. I want to expand my poultry business and I need fund, soft loan.

I will be glad, if you can attached the minutes/communique to me through this e-mail.


Yours faithfully,

Mofikoya Adedapo Moses.


I want to meet with the moderator @EAOMOTI sir


Hello sir … Pls how can i get connected to you maybe via your social media platforms


I just wish i can call him.or something