#FarmersAdviceSeries: How to access loans for your Agribusiness


Pls check the date, Friday 16/11/18, that is last year.


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Hey @Everybody, the chat holds right here online in the community. Just come online when its 12:00 pm for the chat as it would last just for 1 hour.


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Thank you @techfarmer for you the information. Please hw can I be part of this discussion. Am really interested. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.


Hello Mr Omoti Abdulkebiru

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Good afternoon Agripreneurs, my name is Omoti Abdulkebiru, I work with the Agribusiness Department of Union Bank of Nigeria. I am here this afternoon to talk about one of the critical missing links in agribusiness - Access to Finance/loans .


Access to finance remains one of the key challenges being faced by Agribusinesses in Nigeria and in today’s session we would categorize Agribusinesses into 3 broad categories viz a viz Established, Growing and Start-up Agribusinesses and available financing options into Commercial Loans , Government interventions and Grants while we explore the features and requirements for accessing agricultural intervention loans as well as grants available for Nigerian farmers to keep their businesses booming. Key emphasis would be placed on Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) which is a government intervention that the required documentation is minimal and can be easily accessed by SME Agribusinesses.





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