#FarmersAdviceSeries: Engaging Youths In Agriculture with Sipasi Ayodele


Wow…how com sir?..can you please explain to us


Exactly that is true,but our governments are not encouraging us about how Agriculture so wild and sweet.


Great idea. @SipasiOA


They prefer Keke Maruwa and Naijabet, which white collar


:rofl::rofl: Funny but very true…


I will support this may we should create a WhatsApp group bcs average Nigeria youth will b on the media


Hello @SipasiOA, many thanks for taking out time to be with us.
My comment is this: since it is a well known fact that the government is doing little or nothing to encourage agriculture/farming and youths engaging in agriculture; wouldn’t it be possible for those of us already established in this venture to help others? like is there a platform like for you and based on your profile where you help other start-up farmers? just recently, i connected with you on linkedin because I would love to meet you and would appreciate an avenue to benefit from your mentorship and experience. I’m very sure a lot of other young aspiring passionate farmers on this platform would love that too


Hi @maxanochirim,

This is why Agricsquare Community was created so more farmers and youths in agriculture can connect and work together and of course be of help… We are open to more ideas.


Yes @Techfarmer… I totally agree with you and it is a very laudable initiative. However farming is a very delicate business, which all of us are aware of and for this reason, there might be needs for personal interactions, Mentorships, trainings and the likes
Thank you sincerely for creating Agricsquare Community; i believe in this and i’m very sure im yet to tap into half of the potentials and benefits of this community


Oh definitely @maxanochirim, We have so much lined up for this year and in the future which would involve virtual and online meetups because this is a community and together we can do so much…

If there is any way you also know we can reach out to more people involved in agriculture, kindly let us know as we are passionate about making an impact n this sector… :hugs:


Lik u mentioned processing n packaging rather dan just production…
Can u list som tins or wat nids processing


Can you explain better on this?