#FarmersAdviceSeries: Engaging Youths In Agriculture with Sipasi Ayodele


These are two unique sectors in Agriculture. If we are able to differentiate properly then we can see the beauty in both


Both of this sectors marked by different risk-return profiles.


Yes, its good we disagree to agree. I was in Germany interacting with youths . Do you know EU farmers gets 70 grants from their government?

So, if I need 10 million to establish a farm or for production , I get 7million from the government and my contribution is 3million - grant and not loan.


@joyceama , with hands on deck, this is achievable

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What??? Like really? Everyday or how does it work?


With such experience how do you think it be replicated chance if you cannot identify the real and interested youths in Agriculture.
Youths most days have a plan B if things goes south.


Well said :clap: @SipasiOA


So, a German researcher visited me for two weeks to look at the situation in Nigeria. In fact, they over produce in Europe because of that and send to Nigeria which is unhealthy for our farmers business.

These are some of the things ZeeWorld and NollyWood takes away from us.


@bangura, let’s look at the Malabo declaration which states that every heads of states must commit 10% of their GDP into agriculture, guess what Nigeria is doing less than 2% - do you ever expect the sector to grow,?


Envisioning Agriculture as a business for youths in Africa is totally important through skills building and capacity linking youths to market opportunities in growth sectors that have potential for job creation.


But over here, I think the youths are mostly lazy towards agriculture. They prefer the white collar jobs. there is no motivation whatsoever.


@bangura, I can’t agree less . thanks


@joyceama, I humble disagree because if agriculture is not paying then they will seek the alternative.


There are some youths that really want to venture into agriculture but no encouragement for them to participate in it.


@ziggy exactly my point


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Exactly my point. Where is the motivation? What can we do to keep up?


Thank you @SipasiOA This was a really insightful chat. We look forward to having you next time.

Any last words?


Sir…I think that we should create social media group like WhatsApp for more communication about how to encourage our youths pertaining to Agriculture.