#FarmersAdviceSeries: Engaging Youths In Agriculture with Sipasi Ayodele

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With this growing population of our, its high time we look inward to the strength we have as a nation (which is our youth) in mitigating hidden hunger and extreme poverty in this great continent

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Lol… Is there a thing as a world without hunger and poverty?

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It is also good to note that our government has a very good and intelligent plans - e.g: harvesting of rain water to fill dams in the gazetted grazing reserves, the FADAMA projects by world bank, the N-Agro projects , Anchor borrowers project … To mention but a few

But the challenge is, there’s no proper M$ E.

I have seen my grandfather’s seated with me as a beneficiary of N-Agro with the age limit of 35. Tell me, what are we doing as a country


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Youth should consider Agriculture as a business rather than a development platform.


So, from what I’ve seen so far in the industry is YOYO


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Once you’re exceptional , the government of Nigeria will want to be part of you, then you’ll build on their shoulders.

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That is the key problem in encouraging youths to embrace the sector because they feel that help is no where in this field.

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Which i think needs to be addressed properly …

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So many youths look at Agriculture as growing of crops and animals and then sales ,

As a matter of fact , we should look at Processing , packaging, transportation, advisory services and marketing as an option.

Guess what? Those whom are not professionals tap into the mentioned above and they excel more that the professionals who studied agriculture.


We have to understand that youths are the absolute movers and shakers who can unlock the opportunities in Agriculture.

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Exactly, I have thought of this too and noticed that it is all about who is willing to learn.

In as much as we have much to do to curb unemployment in subsaharan Africa , because agricultural can absorb 3 times what the oil sector will do. The government have much more to do in making agriculture / farming compete excellently well with other sector.

Imagine a graduate of petroleum engineering earning #700,000 in a month and an agric colleague, of same set and age making #70,000 in a month - just the tithe of his counterpart- will he ever be encouraged.

So, its the duty of the government to make agriculture compete excellently we with other sectors

Agriculture is way bigger than most youth think, and they need to tap into the greatness its carry’s.

I disagree!!! Why do you say this? Is the government not doing enough for the youth?

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On this note , I’ll like to advise us here to look into packaging , processing and transportation of agri produce other then mere primary production as we wait for more opportunities from the government.


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