#FarmersAdviceSeries; Addressing The Data Needs Of Farmers Using Digital Technology

Hello @Everybody, it’s another Farmers Advice Series!! :star_struck:

As technology use increases and improves in rural areas, the need to understand farmer needs for products, information services, market linkages, and finance is fast becoming a necessity.

To solve this, we will be discussing the topic " Addressing The Data Needs Of Farmers Using Digital Technology" right here on the community.

Giving us insights into this is Van Jones, the Head Of Strategy, Hello Tractor. He has over 10 years of experience co-founding startups, managing global strategy, and developing growth plans for both startups and mature companies.

This would be an exciting session and you know we can’t wait.

Speaker : Van Jones, Head of Strategy, Hello Tractor
Topic : Addressing the Data needs of Farmers using Digital technology"
Date : 15 March 2019
Time : 2pm
Venue : Online chat here on the community. To join in the chat, sign up via button on your top right bar of this page.

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Good afternoon,

Where is this training place and how much does it cost .




You are welcome. Thanks
Ahmed Saba

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Venue please, or is it an online lecture?

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Hello Fatoola, training is totally free and happening online here at agricsquare.com.

Yes, it is an online chat here on this page. it is done so everyone can participate and learn from anywhere in the world.

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Looking forward to it

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This is Van Jones, if anyone has questions let me know! Happy to help.


Yaaas!!! @Everybody, It’s time!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Welcome @Van


Welcome Van,What steps do you think agro innovators are taking today to ensure availabaility of data in solving farmer’s problems

Welcome @Van good to have you here …#excited :grinning:

@Okechukwu the issue of data availability is a complex one. And globally, the themes are fairly consistent, farmers need data to make solutions but do not want to be inundated with a fragmented solutions marketplace. Data that can be targeted to the specific needs of the farmer is really important. So farmers that are growing soya bean for example need data that can help them spot issues early and address challenges in as close to real time as possible. Agro innovators that package the solutions in easy to find ways are the ones that are going to be most successful at capturing farmer mindshare. Also, those that can work around the constraints that farmers face such as having data cached in simple to use and offline modes is really important. Most farms globally and especially in Nigeria do not have strong network or WIFI access.

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We are ready!!! :smile:

Welcome @Van, This would be a very interesting topic… :blush:

  • What is the importance of data to farmers?
  • How is this really related?

@joyceama I would look at it slightly differently - farmers do not want data they want solutions that derisk their operations and ultimately do things like drive access to a market or to the right resources that address their specific issues. Being a farmer is tough and there are lots of risks and exposure that’s there. It’s really important that data be packaged in a way that feels as natural as getting advice from a trusted friend. The more that we can drive towards that - the better for everyone in the market.


I am ready for the class

Feel free to ask me anything.

Sir, can please classify the different types of data that are of utmost importance to farmers which a reference to the climate smart Agriculture.