Farmers To Earn About N43 Million From APPEALS Assisted Cassava Project

FARMERS in Ihima Oku Abanyi, Kogi State would be smiling to the bank when they harvest a 43 hectare cassava farm which they cultivated with support from a World Bank implemented project

Agro-processing Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support Project (APPEALS).

APPEALS is a project targeted at small and medium scale farmers. It was initiated by Nigerian Government and implemented with the support of the World Bank.

It is expected that 35 per cent of the beneficiaries of the project will be women and youths who will be empowered along rice, cocoa, poultry, cashew, maize, ginger, dairy, wheat, tomato, cassava and aquaculture value chains.

In Oku Abanyi, Kogi State APPEALS project provided the farmers with farm inputs, trained them on good agronomic practices which is expected to double their yield.

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