Farmers Advice Series; Impacting the Agriculture Industry in Nigeria


I know Jos weather is perfect for apples and grapes as I have seen quite a number of farms growing them on instagram.


JOS … thats where you find them …find out why they can grow there on your own later


I have actually. I know the weather is a major factor


Truth is, most of these things are not learnt in class… Right?


Exactly. I don’t think most of these things are even taught in classrooms


students can also impact by starting their own agri-business ventures applying those theories to practice …the major constraint to this is funding right?


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Yeah… A quick background story to how you were able to start your own farm will help…


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err not exactly , they are taught in part its now left to you to make it whole…like i said at yabatech agriconnect program the difference between a rich person and a poor one is information the same goes here… for example In class now your lecturer might teach you a course called poultry production and will go through the curriculum …an average student will just read to pass … the school might even go further and do a practical of raising the birds as you do the theory in class…so i did this course and i was like okay let me try and see so ill understand because i knew my lecturer did not have a poultry and was just reading from a textbook so i asked how does one get day old chicks for brooding(information) … and she said from hatcheries like chi , zatech and the like so after class i approached her and she gave me the direct contact of someone i can get from


Personally, I do not think funding is a major constraint


Great. You pushed for more information


Wow, I can see the extra effort you put into this…


i told my parents what i wanted to do and they supported and agreed to fund my project…that was how it all started , now i know not everyone has people who can do that for them but I’m sure you’ve heard of crowd funding, loans ,grants etc etc you can find links to those on agricsquares page but as students we have what i call human capital you, can come together in your associations e.g naas and decide to embark on a single project e.g keeping broilers for december let everyone contribute #1500 each (crowdfunding) and you have a set of people in charge of running it and then when it comes to sales everyone is a marketing agent and profits are split among everyone… this can be done once twice if it works out you can register your group as a coorprative which banks will be more willing to give loans


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This has really been insightful…


Yeah, you’re right…

Even on you can find the latest news update on everything agric funding…


funny enough this cooperative something is also something taught to all agric students at some point I’ve forgotten what course it was, but i looked for a way it can be applied practically to do something meaningful in agri-business instead of thinking its something far 90% of all things taught we can actually do as students with extra efforts and determination on our part


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This has been a good one and I wish a lot more people would learn from this…

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