Farmers Advice Series; Impacting the Agriculture Industry in Nigeria

Farmers Advice Chat: How Agriculture Students Can Start Impacting the Agriculture Industry in Nigeria

Join Sotunsa Jenroluwa, as he leads today’s Farmers Advice Series on the topic: How Agriculture Students Can Start Impacting the Agriculture Industry in Nigeria.

Sotunsa Jenroluwa is the CEO of Cornucopia LTD and is well-versed in the field of agriculture. You may follow him on Instagram - _jayshow or Facebook - Jenroluwa Sotunsa.


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@Everybody welcome to today’s session with Jenroluwa

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Hello everyone, I’m Sotunsa Jenroluwa :grin: final year student at the department of agriculture and industrial technology at Babcock University and I’m glad to be here in your midst


Hi @Jenroluwa01 We are set and good to go…

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Welcome @Jenroluwa01. We would love to learn from you today. :yum:

Thank you for making time out to be here.

yeah so thew topic for today is how agricultural students can start impacting the agricultural industry, is there any agric student here today? pls indicate by typing yay

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moving on firstly as students i believe we are in schools to LEARN …so the first step to Impacting the agric industry is to actively LEARN…As agric students we should have information a regular person who just had extra cash to invest in agriculture doesn’t know like existing myths about limitations of agriculture in nigeria…i want everyone to answer two questions i want to throw


can tomato be planted in commercial quantities in the southwestern nigeria? (open field not green house) YES or NO


Yayyyyyyyyyy we are good to go!!!

Can apples and grapes be planted in nigeria YES or NO

Going with the little knowledge I have on plant farming, YES

Apples and grapes can be planted in Nigeria. Big YES

Ermmm…. Yeah, I think so.

But where precisely???

Yes Yes… I know this because my mum use to have a little tomato farm at our backyard in Edo State.

i mean like the tomatoes that come from the north big and round not the small ones we see around here…But still yes is the answer . Most people don’t know that the reason tomatoes don’t really pop here like there in the north is due to high relative humidity basically there are many pests and diseases attacking it here than in the heat and dry air in the north so it does better . i know of an open field to math farm in LAGOS!!! yup what they did was plant on the ocean side the white beach sand where air moves fast so the water doesn’t settle much, the ground is sandy and sun is hot and very cold in the night , no diseases can thrive there and they use irrigation for their tomatoes and BOOM business…bottom line is we need to actually pay attention in classes to be able to put these theories to practice like these tomato farmers did. LEARN


Yes, they can be planted.

do you know why? … anyways i’ll leave you to find that one out.
Students can also impact the agric industry by starting their own agric firm… I’m sure when you read that the first thing that would come to mind is funding right?

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