Farmers Advice Series: How To Start A Profitable Cassava Processing Business


Well, I can’t guarantee a ready market for your cassava, but you can look for processing centers around you that will be willing to buy your cassava.
You can also plan to process the cassava roots to garri or cassava flour. it is more economical.


I think I like this platform and also interested on the topic above. Although have started already on a two plot of land, let about 650 ridges of cassava on it with melon due to finance could go farther on an acre of land. pls advice


Hi @senior, You can decide to register your farm through the farmers cooperative in your area and encourage them to reach out to organizations who work with farmers to grow crops on their farm whereafter funds are shared between the farmer, organization, and sponsors… Farmcrowdy, Thrive Agric and a couple other agric companies run on this model.

Aside that, you can decide to maintain and grow the crops already planted in the 1 arce land you have, sell the proceeds after and save to work on another till you’re able to cover… Otherwise, patner with another farmer to work on the farm.

I hope this helps…