Farmers Advice Series: How To Start A Profitable Cassava Processing Business


You can send a message to my Instagram:@garripro.


Thank you very much @jobfoluke
This is a very great section


Thank you so much @jobfoluke. We really appreciate.


You are most welcome. Please feel free to contact me for further questions. Thank you.


What will it take or how do one go about it, if I want to learn all it takes about cassava processing and plantation from IITA, Ibadan?

I am already into planting, though looking forward to expand, however, my interest is to be readily informed while I pursue the finance to put up the structure afterwards.


Thanks for sharing your contact.
Mind sharing other social media handles (of interest is twitter), most especially for those if us that are not on Instagram.
Thank you!


Facebook: Agripro value chain enterprises.


Please re in bakatari is your PAC, I he a farm around that axis,araromi area,please description


Twitter @ Agriprofoods


My factory is located at Aloba village before Araromi village.


Please is before the rail construction site or were


Ok,can I check you during the week, pls phone number or inbox


Please, stay in touch. We can discuss further on this.


Pls describe better. On how to get there, on my way to the farm next week


I have actually developed interest in agric business. i really need the technical know how on how to go about this.
I have experimented before in which i was let down with the people managing it


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Great… Have you got a farm already?


Not yet.
I am actually thinking of a mechanized one.
And if possible going into a partnership with people that knows better


I will also like to know if there always a ready made market for cassava. I want to be guaranteed that i am fortunate to have good harvest, there wouldn’t be worries on how to find a reasonable market for it


Yes… She stated it earlier in the chat that there is a ready market for cassava tubers here :point_down::point_down: