Farmers Advice Series: How To Start A Profitable Cassava Processing Business


Yes, they do say there are different kinds of garri e.g Ijebu, Egba, Bendel e.t.c. Garri must be processed to a low moisture content using stainless steel materials and package in a sealed bag.


The first step is to get cassava with a high dry matter, I use the TME 419 variety.
You peel the cassava manually or with a peeling machine.
Then you wash the cassava in a clean water.
The next step is to grate using a stainless steel grater.
Then you bag in a jute bag and leave it to ferment for 5 - 7days.
After fermentation has taken place you press the cassava to remove the water content from the cassava.


Why most people flee from this is the work involved most times. What can you say to encourage the youths interested but scared?


Then you pulverize to scatter the lump from pressing out the water.
After which you now fry in a manual stainless steel fryer or an automated fryer.
You then spread in a cooling bay for about 2hrs.


You are right but there are machines available to make the work easier. Cassava processing has advanced from been done manually, all you need is the capital to start and the passion to make a difference.


Where can I find buyers for the cassava tubers in my farm?


Ma, how far can these machines go? Can the average youth even afford it?


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Like I said earlier farmers find it difficult to sell their cassava roots especially when there are no processing centers around them. But what I advise people that can’t find a market for their cassava roots is to process the cassava to garri and that way you can easily take to the market to sell. it gives higher returns than when you sell as roots.


For a standard garri processing factory, you will need about 2millon to start. For youths that might not be able to afford this, you can start small with about 800,000…Getting a grater, a presser, and a small manual fryer.
All other things can be done manually.


2million Naira??? That is alot.


So Garri is more profitable than selling the tubers? Never saw things that way…


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@jobfoluke Can you please share other grants available in the agric sector?


The Tony Elumelu yearly programme, Sterling Bank and EDC…


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Cassava industrialization/commercialization has to be integrated into the production and transformation of cassava processing using mechanized equipment in value addition , which will result in desirable quality attributes that enhance productivity and increase profitability.


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