Farmers Advice Series: How To Start A Profitable Cassava Processing Business

Just before we draw the curtains close for 2018, here’s another episode of our #FarmersAdviceSeries!

This Friday at 12:00 pm, we would be discussing and sharing insights into the topic; How To Start A Profitable Cassava Processing Business with Mofoluwake Job.

She is the CEO of Agripro Value Chain Enterprise. They provide mechanized cassava processing services to cater to farmers’ needs and ultimately reducing cassava post-harvest losses in the Bakatari community, Ido local government area.

@Everybody You can never go wrong with learning new opportunities available in the agricultural sector.


Topic: How To Start A Profitable Cassava Processing Business
Panellist: Mofoluwake Job,
Date: Friday, 14th December 2018
Time: 12:00pm

We can’t wait for Friday!!
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We can’t wait!!!


Am interested. How can I start?


Oh nice!!! The Chat would be coming up tomorrow at 12: 00am… Just be sure to set an alarm before the time.

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Hello !
Je suis intéressé


Great!!! Set your alarms for 12:00pm Friday.

Hello Everyone, Looking forward to sharing and discussing “How to start a profitable cassava processing business”.
It is going to be a very educative session.
Please, don’t miss it.

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Am interested, this has been on my radar for a while

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Yes, we are ready and counting down…!

Really??? Great one!! We can’t wait too… Set your alarms to 12:00pm Friday.

I’m interested to learn new stuff.

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Oh sure… You will. Just join in at 12:00 pm and come with all your questions…

Very much interested in this topic

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yasssss… We are pumped up too and counting down!!

Just less than 2hours to go.

Dear Agricsquare Team,

Thanks for the info, I do sincerely appreciate.

I know Bakatari community so well and my cassava plantation is actually a stone throw from this community.

I look forward to joining in for this discussion.

However, I do plea that notice of such a great discussion and/or further programme(s) should kindly come in at least 24 hours ahead of time, in order to afford prospective attendant/participant ample time to appropriately plan their time.

Thank you!


07032270846 / 08050229686

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Thank you so much Mr Samuel Okijiola for the feedback. We love feedbacks so thank you…

However, we have been pushing this out since Wednesday and we sincerely apologize if you just got a notification. We promise to do better with alerting @Everybody 24hours before the time.

Thanks… Just set your alarms for 11:59 pm so you don’t miss a thing when we start. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice idea, it would definitely impact positively on farmers

Am interested. Proud to be a young farmer

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Mofoluwake Job. I studied Adult education in the University of Ibadan.
I have worked at the Cassava Processing Unit of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan.


I am in interested in knowing