Farmers Advice Series: Challenges of Nigerian Youth in Agriculture


Thank you again @Czarohm …very insightful session!


Thank you @Czarohm

This was a great one!


But we are targeting the youths aren’t we?

Youths, in the ‘real’ sense of the word have an aversion for laborious tasks…


Many guys out there are owing the CBN frm the ABP.
The issue of not releasing fund to them is as a result of the ongoing due deligence/ kyc/ risk assessment .
i think nigerians generally have a bad loan culture.
y on earth should one think its a dividend of democracy.

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ABP is good but the only problem is that the take up is too small,as they use to give 1/2ha for each farmer, please government sho try and expand or increase the take to5ha/farmer which you are lucky you will cultivate about 200bags of maize


Yes the youths are absconding coz they don’t want to suffer the way their parents did… Its never easy to live and work where there is no network, no connection, bad muddy road during raining season, no borehole, no electricity and lack of many more amenities… And besides no farmer had trained up their children and still pray that they should come back to the settlement and join them in a crude way of farming… Most farmers pray their children should be civilized and be amongst the rulers of the universe… If the government could help and encourage the youths this is going to be better… At least a young graduate that wants to farm he or she would sustain on something pending the time he starts to harvest… It’s easier said than done… The best thing so far is for government or nongovernmental organization to see a future in agriculture and then encourage the youths


But things are kinda better in some places now… There are better resources than back in the days and there are technologies put to make things better… Moreso, there are different times of crops that can be grown depending on the type of land, weather condition and access to basic amenities.


One more question… How best can they be encouraged? Would the government provide lands for them? Would they provide the tools? I think the youths have to sit up too. Sit up and begin to see the future in Agriculture.
What’s your opinion @Czarohm and @Sagirtanimu ?