Farmers Advice Series: Challenges of Nigerian Youth in Agriculture


You have spoken !!! you said it all !!!


Yet we still need government, the issue of cassava glut is an example why we need government. Regulations on produce and product sales to mitigate loss either post harvest or processing loss


We need to change the narrative, we need to start portraying images that made us a nation before oil boom, images that will be easily attend to and identify as youths in Agriculture, we need to sharr our stories, we need to start telling our tales, the success, failure and the hopes we need to dominate the media space in unison else we can’t achieve anything


lol… But other farmers have been using it and we have been eating.

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Cluster farming with funding from crowdsource, grant, loans and intervention with a functioning system to help gazette and dictate quality and quantity index of the venture


The most important part is the “Functioning System”


Urban agriculture feeds less than 30% of Nigerians, it empowers less than 10% and create less jobs compared to mechanised farming with human phase, an example is Songhai farms


Is this where we share the grace??? :joy:

@Czarohm You are spitting gems!!!


We need a campaign online to make people understand the danger ahead, youths are absconding from rural axis to uban places to leave behind the old folks to farming, average age of active rural farmer’s in Nigeria as at today is between 50-60 years, who will take over from them when they are tired?


I have missed a lot o.:relieved:


Which can be created if government allows people that are passionate about the venture take over from charlatans that parade the ministry as personal property.


Yes. That is the word ‘passion’.


People there are just acting “Face of Agriculture”


Well these are the reasons behind creating a platform like agricsquare to help hasten this enlightenment campaign.Our youths needs to be brought up to speed on the dangers ahead. Thank you @Czarohm !


Wait a min!! Are you saying the recent tech innovations to make agriculture better like what FarmKart, ThriveAgric, Farmcrowdy and Pork Money is doing isn’t still a perfect to get the youths involved?


Thank you @Czarohm for a great chat on this topic!!

We have more questions but we are way-way over the time (12:00pm- 12:30pm) but we hope to do this again with you… Definitely!!!

Thanks for a great chat again and thanks @Everybody for joining in the chat!


I am saying even with the existing and yet existing technologies we can come up with, if we don’t focus our reach on rural Agriculture, it’s a DOA approach, I reckon with the existing structures in place yet the reach are Limited


Oh right! I get it now…


Thank you everyone for listening and reading my whine, it’s a clamor for better environment and opportunities for youths in Nigeria Agricultural space, you can reach me on @czarohm on all social media outlet to continue our discussion. Thanks you once again everyone!


Thank you for enlightening us and answering our questions