Farmers Advice Series: Challenges of Nigerian Youth in Agriculture


Another example, i have a farm in Ogbomoso, Oyo state and i can attest to it that none of the farmer’s in Ogbomoso south LGA got any type of seed from the FG


Are the occasional “Government Intervention Funds” and “Youth Empowerment Schemes” efficient and sustainable to boost youth participation in agriculture in Nigeria?


Issues around ABP are many, as stated above the program was a see-through plan but the implementation was faulty, the noise about rice farming in Kebbi have subside, the noise of groundnut pyramid in Kano is no where to be found and the Ginger revolution of Kaduna is on a low key, these are indices to measure the growth and sustainability of ABP


Wow… Was it shared amongst a selected number of states or nothing got to anyone at all?


And there would be many other farmers in other states that didn’t get any


Oh… True, Very true.

This is where the true challenges of Youth getting involved in Agriculture lies.


In other words, ABP should be scraped?
Or what can be done to change the state of things?


True, that’s almost certain… this is Nigeria


I want to ask, how can we motivate Nigerian youth to pick hoes and cutlasses? Most of the people I have worked with are always complaining and asking why we do not use machinery and implements for cultivation especially in this jet age. We are fully aware that equipment we were promised by the government is not forth coming


Same here… We see this all the time.


Interventions and empowerment without feasible system structure to efficiently run it independently will collapse, we have a culture of total dependence on government for everything, we need to start more of PPP venture, government needs to sit up and set up B2B venture’s to cater for SME’s hence the reach to the final consumer will keep amassing debt and high cost of product with little or unsatisfactory service system


They make promises and don’t fulfill thereby discouraging the youths


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So how will the youth go about this without government intervention?


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If Nigerian youths wait for the government, nothing will be achieved in a very long time. And truth be told, any youth that waits for the government is really not interested in agriculture


Perhaps it’s because we are using the words ‘hoes & cutlasses’ is why the youth won’t pick it up!
I’ve used both before and they gave me blisters!
Shouldn’t we be talking Innovative Agric Practices? Angel Adelaja seems to be pushing these boundaries and she neither holds a hoe nor a cutlass!


ABP should be reorganised to serve it’s intent of creation.


That is true. She works on hydroponic which is capital intensive. You will need constant supply of some of form electricity, I would know because I have run an Aquaponics project of my own. She has a financial backing which brings us back to some of the challenged we are facing as Nigerian Youth.


Urban agriculture is cool yet it’s not adopted fully in Nigeria, what we need is a morph from subsistence to mechanised agriculture