Farmers Advice Series: Challenges of Nigerian Youth in Agriculture

Friday, 21 Sept. 2018 12:00 - 12:30pm.

Oyinkanola Mayowa is the Founder of Rethink Agriculture, Lead Facilitator/ Founder of LetsTalkAgric and Co-Founder of QM Farms Limited.
and would be answering your questions and engaging you on the conversation as we discuss the Challenges of Nigerian Youths in Agriculture here on Farm advice


I can’t wait to learn, relearn and unlearn. Please let us make it a date tomorrow to share our experiences, discuss and dialogue on ways to improve the status quo.

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Good afternoon everyone, my name is Oyinkanola Mayowa Hafiz, I studied Animal science as my first and second degree from Ladoke Akintola University of technology, Ogbomoso and University of Ibadan.


I am here this afternoon to talk about challenges of an average Nigerian youth in Agriculture, the issues at stake involve all the the sector and chains involved in Agriculture, from pre-production, production, post-production, processing, packaging, repackaging, storage, distribution, marketing and Business to Business venture, franchise, wholesales and retail.


An average Nigerian youth is naturally incapacitated to venture into mechanised farming because of the obvious challenges abound from lack to limited supply of power/electricity to limited or inadequate infrastructure to lack or limited basic facilities in and around the country

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Credit facilities and input availability are still the biggest challenge in Nigeria Agricultural sphere, we have manpower but lack skillset to equip, operate and mecahanize our farms be it livestock or crop

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Although more and more ideas are arising, from cluster famring to crowdsource funds and all sorts to help connect interested youths to credit and inputs facilities nonetheless the lapses and difference are still large

Really? But recently, The Minister of Agriculture distributed some seeds to farmers in the North and there is also the Anchors Borrowers Fund…

Isn’t that a step already? @Czarohm @Everybody

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The seed distributed didn’t finds its way to the hinterlands and rural axis, I was in Kaduna when the seed was distributed and can categorically tell you that most of the government initiatives are top-bottom approach witj no significant impart on rural Agriculture which in itself feeds the populace at large


On ABP the project was designed on a good note but the implementation was faulty, there was little or no information on the payback mode and most of the beneficiary thought that they got dividends of democracy, that’s why till today most state that started are still in huge debt of repayment to the CBN


Seriously??? Do you have your facts to back this up?

Wow! That’s not good enough

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If I can remember very well, There were issues about this. I read some weeks ago, that those in charge of the funds refused to release it, rather, they accused the farmers of owing debts which they have still not paid…

I think this is just both ways…