Farmers Advice; How to Brand your Agribusiness


4)Integrate your brand. Branding extends to every aspect of your business–how you answer your phones, what you or your salespeople wear on sales calls, your e-mail signature, everything.

  1. Create a “voice” for your company that reflects your brand. This voice should be applied to all communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal.
    Example is @forthworthfarms (instagram) they maintain a friendly and conversational tone in their brand messages across their social media platforms


Hmmmmmm…. Some people mix this all up and you start wondering what the company is really focused on…

  1. Design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. You don’t need to be fancy, just consistent. Example is Farmkart (instagram)

  2. Be true to your brand. Customers won’t return to you–or refer you to someone else–if you don’t deliver on your brand promise.

  3. Be consistent. I placed this point last only because it involves all of the above and is the most important tip I can give you. If you can’t do this, your attempts at establishing a brand will fail.


How do you relate this to Agriculture?? Aside from @farmsworth, is there really another that relates a more friendly brand in all their communications?


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Yh agriculture brands like Farmkart, Farmcrowdy and Forthworthfarms embody all the branding for Agribusiness steps highlighted above


Branding is beneficial for four reasons:

  1. Differentiation – A brand provides a clear and definitive reason for customers to buy your product. If this reason does not exist, your product is a commodity and the only measure of value is price. Small, value-added businesses cannot compete on price successfully and need to incorporate some form of differentiation.

  1. Conveys value – Consumers perceive brand-name products as higher quality, more reliable and a better value than non-branded products.

  2. Builds brand loyalty – Brand loyalty is the recurring stream of profit generated by repeat and referral sales of a specific brand. Repeat sales can be as much as 90 percent less expensive to an Agribusiness than new customer development.


how can i be sure if my costumers are going to like my logo or slogan?


Hi @anuoluwapobisola , for logos and slogans you could show the samples to a few people to verify if they connect the logo, slogan to the message you hope to pass across. But bear in mind simplicity is the key to successful brands. The onus lies on you to create a likeable brand, the brand messaging, engagement, and quality of product and service will make Customer love the brand and want to associate with its identity (logo and slogan)


4)Branding Builds pride – Branded, recognizable products invoke a sense of pride in those associated with production, promotion, sale and distribution of those agricultural products.


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Hi @Maduka_ec Do you have a favorite agriculture brand or can you give us some examples of agricultural brands you think have excellent branding


@Maduka_ec I must commend you for this… It shows you really have a well background knowledge of Branding for business…


YH @Okechukwu I Made mention of Forthworth farms and Farmkart in the production aspect of Agribusiness

In the Agritech aspect Farmcrowdy and HelloTractor are doing great in connecting their brands to impacts their innovative technologies are making in finance and access to mechanization for smallholders

In value addition 57 chocolate from Ghana has an excellent brand which connect cocoa/ chocolate to the African heritage


These intrinsic brand values make the difference to customers and prove that branding goes far beyond just a logo


This concludes my session on branding for Agribusiness, would there be any other questions?


@Maduka_ec, Do you think is compulsory to stay consistent across all channels?


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Yes of course it is very important


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