Farmers Advice; How to Brand your Agribusiness

Another Friday, Another Farmers Advice Edition… :man_farmer: Yippee!!
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Quick Question;

  • Have you been bothered by the thoughts of how to market your Farm-Produce?
  • Have you possibly been thinking of how to brand your agri-business to stand out of your competitors?
  • Or you’re probably wondering what the importance of “Branding” is to Agriculture…

@Everybody , Join our guest for the week, Maduka Emmanuel, the Founder of Agrostrides Magazine Nigeria’s Most Influential Agricultural Magazine, today, 16th November 2018 at 2:00 pm as he anchors the topic: How To Brand Your Agribusiness.

He would be answering all your questions (…as much as he can) for 1 hour, so mark your calender and set your timer to 2:00 pm on Friday, 16th November 2018.

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Welcome @Maduka_ec,

We are good to go…

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Hello everyone, I deeply appreciate this opportunity to interact with similarly brilliant minds here.

I am Emmanuel Maduka, Founder of Africa’s most influential agricultural magazine; Agrostrides and coFounder of an innovative Food processing company; LifePro Food Mills

It is good to be here. Excited about this session

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The word brand to most people suggests just a logo. However Logos ultimately are the visual identity, it is a part of the brand identity that reflects the brand. As we begin to add value to products and processes in the agricultural value chain branding becomes increasingly important.

Defining your brand is like a journey of agribusiness self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and sometimes uncomfortable. Branding is knitting together the values of the brand with the visual identity-logo etc.

Yeah… I think it’s the key part of branding… Right?

Yh sure … but branding encompasses how people view and perceive your company, it’s products/ services. It’s also how you as the owner, and your workforce view and perceive the company. It’s your what, your how, and your why. It’s the connection people feel upon coming across your visual identity/ products


Before you start branding here are a few questions you need to answer
What are some of our core values?
What do they stand for?
What makes our product unique?
What is our unique selling point?
Who are our target customers?
What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?
What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?
These questions would help set the foundation for your brand strategy.

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A brand is the combination of name, words, symbols or design, values that identifies the product and its company and differentiates it from competition.
A brand must be clear, specific, and unique to your product. For example, the Wheaties brand differentiates the cereal from its competition due to its association with health and “sports excellence.”

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The physical attracts first I believe.

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Welcome @Maduka_ec,
This topic would definitely be a good one for me because I am about to go fully into the Agribusiness sector and this would just be the push starter we need.

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Yh sure Damilola… the logo is important but most long lasting multinational brand have particular feelings and values attached to purchase or utilization of their products or services which goes beyond just the logo.

Sequel to answering those questions, to achieve the same successes with your products, you need to execute the following steps to establish an effective brand:

  1. Find a name–Choose an appropriate name that is easily remembered and specific to the product. The name should be restricted to three words or less - anything longer is difficult for customers to recall.

@Maduka_ec, Branding in relation to agriculture basically comes after you are sure of the farm produce you want to sell and probably after harvest. Right??

At what stage of the Agribusiness does branding come in??

  1. Develop a slogan–Write a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that captures the essence of your brand, the selected slogan needs to be two to three words, catchy and easily remembered. To generate slogan ideas, you must stay focused on the buyer. Why should they buy the product? What will they like about the brand? How does competition compare? The slogan should take into account answers to these questions.

Example Is Coca-Cola with the slogan “taste the feeling”
Maggi - happiness is home made

These slogan convey emotions as well as emphasize the values of the brand/ values the company wants to be associated with their products brand

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@Maduka_ec welcome to the chat


@PreciousOkhimamheO branding comes at different stages but it becomes visibly important at the stage when l the agropreneur wants to sell as it determines buying decisions of Customers

It hence very paramount that you brand right from the start.
The company could have a brand which would be attached to the products or
Individual products could have their own brands

Individual product branding is mostly used in Agribusiness

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3) Create an appropriate symbol or logo – It can be as simple as a geometric shape or as elaborate as a silhouette of a person or object. Use the name, slogan and symbol on every piece of correspondence related to the product–e-mails, invoices, letterhead, business cards, advertisements and promotions, etc

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